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Located in Moreno Valley, California

 by Appointment Only!


Shipping via UPS.


Payments via PayPal

 In order to get you a price on a complete pedal car its important to define the following:
1. Which fiberglass body?
2. Paint job: factory color? $1,000
3. Custom paint job? Candy, pearl,  flake?. $3,000
4. Type of tires an wheels?
A. Tricycle spoke type and white wall tires. $78.00

5. Type of steering wheel?.
A. Plastic steering wheel $78.00

6. Type of frame:
A. Pedal system?. $600.00
B. Stroller system?. $700.00
(Either aren't painted)
7. Shipping cost: full shipping address?.
8. Order date will determine when it can be ready for shipping or pick up.
9. Due date time frame is important  to ensure there's enough time to get it done.
10. Shipping cost: Full address.

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