1966 Batmobile Pedal Car 30 Day Project

The idea of this project started several months ago, 
my buddy Jack which is the owner of the pedal car and we have known each other for about 15 years now. On a visit to his home we talked about repairing his "Batmobile Pedal Car".

Jack and I are the biggest fans of the "Batman" TV Show.

So now it was time to remove the body from frame to be able to really do a great paint job.

Okay before I continue with the process I have a couple of things to point out!

1. Design or Re-design work is not always a easy as some people may think.

2. If you are a "CRITIC" great for you.

3. If you are a person that "CREATES" thank you.

4. Its because of the creators that people like me and many others can enjoy the end result.
 Sometimes it can take hours, days, months or years to see the dream/design work come to life.
 My hat off to all pedal car designers from the past and to all the ones in the future.

5. So yes this Pedal Car has some issues, however that's the fun part. Fix it then keep going forward to the finish line.

 Here we go..ready GO!!!

 The process of repainting is going to be a fun thing to do an I am looking forward to getting the “Show Piece” back to Jack’s home where he can show it off to his family and friends!

The following pictures show the areas where fiberglass was applied for reinforcement.

So now it was time to remove the body from frame to be able to really do a great paint job.

 When I started to remove the decals some paint peeled off with the vinly. I discovered that in some areas there was only paint on top of the fiberglass or maybe it was the clear gel coat? It is what it is!
 The decal some paint peeled off with it.


Several stress cracks on fiberglass, maybe Jack went crusing without me and wrecked it? LOL

My plan did not include adding more layers of fiberglass on the lower part os the body where
seem like it a thin layer of fiberglass.

As I was block sanding it I discovered that this body may have been painted over bare fiberglass, some areas that where primer or had gel coat where also not sanded!.

That is why the paint cracked or resin chipping away when I hit it with air gun.. it's always best to remove all lose paint before the primer or sealer is apply or otherwise I may have to redo the work and buy more materials.

After many hours of repairing the areas that had issues and body filler applied & sanded it was time for primer coat, I use only high grade materials, no time or funds to redo this process.

Primer coat was done and I waited two days to allow to fully dried. 

Primer coat was blocked sanded with dry sandpaper, then water sanding with 600 grit sandpaper.

So by now I had decided that It would be better to make a mold from this body in order to ensure that Jack gets a true show piece!. 


 The process of making a mold is done in several pieces to be able to release the new fiberglass part out from the mold. Mold making includes using clay in a flange shape as in picture. This is done for each mold that will be bolted to another part of the mold.


 All of the areas that are to be made into a mold must be waxed and sprayed  with a mist of release agent before gel coat is apply.

2nd part of the mold is making s all of the top section.

After brushing on the tooling gel coat, placing fiberglass with resin on the area, the next step is the right side, all steps are repeated till done!

The last side to apply gel coat and fiberglass materials.

When dry the bolt holes are made on all the connecting flanges. Then time to take apart the mold from master body.

Once all parts have been removed, next is cleaning the mold, trimming as need it and once again waxing and spraying mist of mold release.

The design of the inside of the seat area is to close to the side of the body therefore it' must be prepare and have gel coat, and fiberglass materials apply first.

After applying materials on all sides of inside of mold they are joined and a finish layer is apply.

Before its totally dries all trimming must made in order to have a nice finish part before removing body from mold.


Oh wait, by now I had thought about upgrading the body with working headlights. For me its was something normal since I was a kid my brother and I would built car models and use to customized them an enter them in Custom Car Shows.  So adding, making changes to pedal cars is in my DNA.

After several  hours of re-working the front headlight area we have the new look.

First two coats of black paint apply and spot putty for pin holes where needed.

Finally three coats of black paint, drying time 24 hours before painting red trim.

Once again I use the best tape money can buy, I learn many years ago that if I want to have amazing results I get to use top grade materials!

All the red trim is painted now and time to remove masking tape and paper.

I also designed the turbine cover for this Batmobile Pedal Car

I repaint the frame and started adding the rubber windshields to the Batmobile Pedal Car

I made the headlight housing two parts, mounted them and I have not install the light bulbs yet, the light you see is only the reflection of the housing, I spray painted them with chrome paint, how cool is that? I will place the lens covers soon.

All done it now back at Jack's house , he waxed it and now in display in his Man Cave! for everyone to enjoy. Jack thank you for having me be part a great project to work on! Jorge